Tuesday, 6 September 2011


its sale time at too faced, i love too faced soooo muck i love there products for the quality but i think we all know most of us bye there products for the packaging there vintage girly floral look is soooo cute. I dont think and girl could walk past there stand without having a look.

so anyway as i was saying befor i got compleatly sidetracked sorry about that. Anyway they are having crazy sales and loads of bundles worth around $130 are now just $27 its crazy. Also there single eyeshadows are just $3 i cant belive it. anyway thats enough of me rambaling on heres the link to the sale and i hope you enjoy. ;)http://www.toofaced.com/c-124-sale.aspx?gclid=COqeiJmWiKsCFYELfAodHyhl2g

in a coment below tell me what you are going to bye or if you arnt bying anything this time what your favourite things from the sale are and anso if you know of any good sales that are up currently or about to come up in the future please leave that in a comment to.

 thanx for reading i hope to hear from you all soon love Jasmine xoxo

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  1. HI i <3 two faced too and i am just starting a bloggspot xx