Saturday, 5 November 2011

MUA press powder review

Hi gyes so this is mu mua press powder review that i promised u a wile back i hope you enjoy.
ok so first of all the packaging: i personally don't really care what the packaging looks like as long as the product inside is goo quality. Though i actually like the packaging because it is clear witch for me gives a scence of cleanness and freshness and also the shape and depth of it is very good, because it is a square it has corners witch in my opinion makes it less likely to brake because it would bounce or something (its probably just me lolx). Also the depth is fantastic it is about 1.5 cm deep (the box not the powder!!!) so it is not likely its going to brake so basicly I love the packaging because it is practical, and at the end of the day that's the most important thing! : D

The actual product: is very high coverage without feeling cakie some days i will just wear this by its self no conseler or foundation which for me is pretty amazing. if you have oily skin (like me) then you will love this powder it almost ,i know this sounds gross, absorbed the oil so it gives you almost a matt effect with a natural glow. AMAZING!!!
also if you have sensitive skin this should be okay for u because i tried it on my sister who has extreamly sensitive skin and she wore it all day and had no problems with it. (WARNING! : just because it worked on here i am not garenteeing anything for you!) 

price: overall i think this is an amazing product but the icing on the cake is that it only costs £1!!!!!! which is amazing. mua is exclusive to superdrug though here is the link to there web sight were you will find the powder:

Hope you enjoyed this review
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