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Make up recommendations for fair skin

Hey everyone sorry I've been gone along time, I have had some things going, but don't worry I'm back on track now so there should be lots more blogging from me to come. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support. I love you all . xxx (I'm hugging you through the computer!)

So today im going to be talking about make up that I recommend for people with fair/pale skin. I have been hunting for good products for so long now and I think I have finally found them so to save you all from hunting all over again I thought I would just spare you the hassle and tell you. :D Hope you enjoy.

So the first product if a foundation. I have wasted so much money on orange foundations I cant even begin to tell you. FINALLY I have found the perfect colour and formular I'm so exited I wont have to worry about looking really orange and people being able to tell the difference in colour in my face and my neck... eekk!!!
I heard about this when I was searching on YouTube for a good foundation for pale skin. Its called the Laval foundation in Opal 590. Many people said this is a really good colour foundation to mix with a darker one to get the colour just right though im so ghostly pale it is the perfect colour for me. You can find this foundation HERE and HERE

Then on to a good bronzer I know this isn't really enhancing your fair skin but I use a bronzer for a ice gentle contour rather than to actually bronze my face. The bronzer I love is from BC-body collection and it is just called there Bronzing powder I think I got mine for about £1.50-£2. You can find this product HERE. A good tip to also keep in mind when buying a bronzer is what you want it for I personally like the contoured look so I choose a more chocolate colour so it give a more shadowy look. Though if you are wanting a more tanned 'bronzed' look then you should go for a more orange/tan colour. The BC bronzing powder is more of a chocolate shade. I did find it very hard to find a inexpensive chocolate shade. I did find this very frustrating but finally I did find this one. I think this product looks best when dusted on lightly. Don't think this means you cant have a strong contour or bronzed look because you can still achieve that using this method.

The next product is a blush I find with pale skin you are blessed and cursed. You are blessed because colours show up very clearly though sometimes you don't want the colours to be quite so visible. So this can make it really hard to find a blush that looks really natural and also complements your skins natural under tones. A good way to quickly find your natural blush colour is to gently pinch your cheek and then let go, what ever colour your cheek goes it what colour will look the most natural on you so this is completely personal (Obviously) though I would recommend natural collections blushes because they are all natural products, and there colours also are very pigmented and look very very natural (oh yeah and did I say they were natural). I personally love this colour in Rosey glow, the name kind of gives it away that it does give you a glow as it you are actually blushing this has to be my favourite blush ever. I would highly recommend you give these a go. You can find them HERE and HERE.

This product is also from Natural Collection and it is there press powder, mine is in cool this product is also available in warm and transparent. I first heard about this from Leannewoodfull on YouTube she also has fair skin. She recommended this product and I had been looking at if already so I decided to get it. This product is so light weight yet it stays on all day and is very high coverage. I cant recommend this enough.You could just wear this with a little concealer and then this and it would still look fine. This product is very inexpensive you can find it in boots HERE or from eBay HERE.


I have included 2 options of red a gloss and a lipstick.
I'm going to start with the gloss, the one I've chosen is from Forever 21 from there love & beauty collection. I love this gloss because you can build it up to make it really bright and 'juicy' looking or you can wear it really lightly and make it look really natural and like a lip stain. I also love to wear this over a red lipstick which I will mention next, I find this gives you a really bright look I like to wear this when I'm wearing a plain outfit to add some colour or at night. You can find this product HERE I couldn't find the exact shade. Sorry.

The next product is the red lipstick I picked this up actually to co a Halloween look I used it and I actually ended up loving the colour and started wearing it every day. The lipstick is from the Asda make up collection (not the gorge collection) Its in the shade 3 - Brown Red. This lipstick lasts all day and doesn't smudge or run. I just love the shade its very deep and rich I am a huge fan of deep colours I think they look really nice especially on fair skin. I couldn't find a link to this exact product but if you just get a brown red I'm sure it will be similar. 

I have also included a pink I love this colour pink from Technic in the shade Fuchsia rose. It can be worn as a bright vibrant 'barbie pink' or can be applied really lightly to give a more muted natural looking lip. I know when you first look at this colour you would expect it to not be a very natural looking pretty colour but it is so veritile i just love this product. Also it is very glossy so you don't need to wear a gloss on top you just put it on and go. I also found this lasts a really long time. You can find this product HERE.

The last product I'm going to be talking about today is a nude option without having to go for the dead look (foundation on your lips!!!) I love this lipstick from Revlon in the colour 28 - sparkling pink The colour is a floral pink with almost like a caramel colour it does have some shimmer but not chunks of glitter. I love this colour for a romantic floral look. Its a great alternative to the concealer lips!!! The formula is glossy and stays on all day this isn't my personal favourite but I'm more into darker lips but I imagine if I was a fan of the nude lip them this would be perfect. You can find this HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will hopefully he posting more frequently now. If you have any questions about any of the products then please feel free to leave them in a comment. 

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  1. yay for pale skin! haha, thanks for the recommendations! I have been on the hunt for a good bronzer for pale skin lately. Have you tried the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer that recently came out, I'm quite interested in it!