Thursday, 4 April 2013

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013


AHHHHHH! I just entered my blog to the 'Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 with New Look' I know I won't win but I just thought it would be fun. I don't really know how this works yet but if you could go and vote for me it would be the most amazing thing ever! Even just getting 1 vote would mean a lot to me.

I nominated myself for the 'Best Teen Fashion Blog (under 18)'  as I thought that was probably the only category that really fitted me as the others were more specific and there is pretty much nothing specific about my blog.

I love Company Magazine so much I have been reading it for over 2 years now. I actually just subscribed to Company Magazine and was really excited to get the May issue so early. I think the comp. is a great way to start my subscription.

Just a quick video. xxx