Friday, 5 July 2013


Hello, I know I have been gone for awhile now so I thought I would come back with some really exciting news. I have started a new blog! My new blog will become my main blog as I just feel I have outgrown this blog and the sit doesn't really fit what I want to talk about anymore. I thought if I had a clean start then I will have lots of new ideas and I will be more motivated to post.

Soooo my new blog is called Reel Reads. On this blog I will review books and films that I have recently watched/read. I have loads of new ideas that I hope you will all like. If you think you would be interested in this kind of a blog then please click HERE to go there. It would be much appreciated :)

As for this blog I probably won't be posting as much as I was though if I feel the need to post anything about make up of fashion then this is where it will be.

I hope you enjoy the changes and go and check out my new blog!

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