Saturday, 22 October 2011

barbie dream house

The real life Barbie Dreamhouse!

 I have seen some incredible homes in my time but never anything quite as spectacular as this. As an avid Barbie fan, (even now) I can’t quite believe my eyes! In honour of Barbie’s 50th birthday, designer Jonathan Adler created this homage to the princess of pink!


The Barbie Lounge                     
With its lack of colour coordination this room should be a design nightmare  but the eccentricity and charm of this living room makes it a winner.
The corseted tutu chairs are a fantastic design feature and the attention detail is quite astonishing. I am also intrigued by the chandeleir, which, unless my eyes are decieiving me seems to be made out of real hair! The pop art canvas, the pristine pink furnishings, the loud animal prints! It should be too much but it isn’t!

The Barbie ‘boudoir’
I imagine this room to be every little girl’s dream, and as a grown woman it is still my dream. Although it’s predictable with its grandure, pink furnishings, and draping ceiling , it really is fit for a princess!
  The Barbie terrace
As you would imagine this fabulous terrace is perfect for a lady of leisure. An idyllic setting for sunbathing/ partying and relaxing. With it’s pink carpet and ultra modern furnishings you almost forget that it is a garden!

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