Saturday, 22 October 2011

hello kitty dream house


what do u think bout HelloKitty? isn't she cute enough? lol.. hell yeah i am just a HelloKitty lovers... i don't care what ppl said bout HelloKitty, but i just love HelloKitty xo much.. Here some cute pict of my HelloKitty dream villa *i hope someone will build this HelloKitty villa for me --> pray* lol ^^v

Hello Kitty Villa

The Living Room
all furnitures are pink very cute and sweet, and definitely Hello Kitty every where

Hello Kitty Bed Room
o(>,<)o i hope someday i can sleep in this kind of room lol ^^v look at the bed, it is very cute.. Hello Kitty's head with her ribbon so cute (^_^)"

Hello Kitty Bath Room

Hello Kitty Bath Set

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